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Guangzhou jie for electronic technology co., LTD. Professional r & d design, production for most of China's industrial enterprises for the use of the code jet; Widely used in various industries, in the premise of stability, to provide more economic benefits, convenient use, printing effect more clear, lower maintenance costs, greatly improve production efficiency, for the majority of enterprises to provide satisfactory printer.

The company has always been the pursuit of excellence, perfect and elegant, reflects the connotation of corporate culture and broad-reaching style; With "quality, service, cost and speed" as the core, and with the management concept of "people-oriented, wealth gathering", we will provide customers with high-quality products and more complete supporting services.

1. Company vision: to provide the best quality products and services through the hard work of all employees.

2. Company mission: to create quality and cost-effective products for customers and opportunities for employees.

3. Business philosophy: quality, service, cost and speed.

4, management philosophy: people-oriented, through the creation of harmonious competition working atmosphere.

5. "four-win" values: customers win! Employees to win! Partners win! Shareholders to win!